It is a fact that creators can now publish and manage Podcasts on YouTube Studio!

Podcasting on YouTube was usually a challenge, as the platform’s algorithm did not make a proper distinction between the different styles of a podcast and “regular” channel content.

It seems that this is something that has changed.

YouTube has added the ability to upload new videos as podcasts, as well as to designate older videos as podcasts, which are then categorized differently within YouTube Studio, and can be published on a channel as well as on YouTube Music.

The performance of podcasts on YouTube is also separate from regular video content, indicating that there is at least some kind of differentiation on the side of the YouTube system now.

podcasts on YouTube

YouTube recommends four best practices for a successful podcast.

Firstly, the company says that podcast channels, which appear as playlists on a channel, should contain only full-length episodes from an entire podcast in the order they should be heard.

Next, YouTube says that creators should avoid mixing snippets, different shows, or uploads from other channels within the podcast.

Additionally, podcast shows should use the same name as the podcast title, something which according to the company, facilitates audiences to find content on YouTube.

Podcasters should also use descriptive and keyword-rich titles and descriptions, as well as eye-catching thumbnails to attract listeners.

Finally, YouTube recommends promoting the podcast through social media, email newsletters, or other platforms to increase its reach.

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