Fire and Spear

Fire & Spear is more than a standard supplements company.

Case Study

The client requested an eCommerce website.

We designed a layout e-commerce website and provided 3 variations for the home and the product page to the client. Once the client approved the desired design we proceeded with creating the graphic elements and the website.

We continue by uploading product images and variations with descriptions. Last we created the payment and shipping getaways.

Fire & Spear is more than a standard supplements company. They are a team of like-minded individuals who have come together to create a truly superior product line with zero compromises. In order to create the most premium supplement brand they hat to step outside the normal parameters and practices of the industry today and carve their own path. Countless hours were invested into researching ingredients, developing formulations and product prototypes continuously making changes until they perfected their formulas.

Each product is tried, tested and proven to work to our standards and deliver the results that as a team demand for each one of you.

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